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25th Birthday Issue of Geoarchaeology

The journal Geoarchaeology celebrated its 25th birthday in April and has published a “best of” collection of papers available for free download. The collection includes the classic Dalan and Banerjee paper on soil magnetism and Woodward and Goldberg’s excellent review of the geoarchaeology of Mediterranean rock shelters.

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Archaeometry Virtual Issue “Diagenetic and Isotopic Studies of Bones and Teeth”

I’ve just (belatedly given my PhD topic) discovered the Archaeometry virtual issue “Diagenetic and Isotope Studies of Bones and Teeth“. This compilation brings together many classic papers from Archaeometry including the perennially popular Bentley et al (2003) paper on human mobility at Vaihingen using strontium isotopes, the very interesting Simonetti et al. (2008) paper on […]

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Doc Savage’s Old World Archaeology Page

Anyone who’s working in the Levant will find Doc Savage’s Old World Archaeology Page an invaluable source of GIS data for the region. Dr Stephen Savage from Arizona State University maintains the site, which has data including scanned topographic maps, Landsat images and NIMA-Spot images available for free download as processed data. I’ve been using […]

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Dr Space Junk speaking to Canberra Archaeology Society tonight at 7:30pm

Alice “Dr Space Junk” Gorman is speaking tonight to the Canberra Archaeology Society in Manning Clark Theatre 6 at the Australian National University at 7:30 on “Orroral Valley NASA Tracking Station: the archaeology of Australia’s space heritage”. Alice has a deserved reputation as a very entertaining speaker so I’d encourage you to come along if […]

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Multi-Bands Raster Clipper for ArcMap

I’ve always had more trouble than seems appropriate with clipping multi-band raster images in ArcMap. Fortunately my problems have been solved by discovering the Multi-Bands Raster Clipper v1.2, a free download from the ESRI support center. It lets you easily clip rasters with a drawing tool and opens the resultant image as a new layer. […]

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New Archaeological Geophysics Consulting Company

I’ve just been made aware of a new archaeological geophysics consulting company in Melbourne, Australia run by Dave Hunter. Dave did my short course in archaeological geophysics in Adelaide in December last year and is currently doing an undergraduate degree in archaeology at La Trobe University. Dave seems to have particular experience in resistivity and […]

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Archaeomatica: New Journal about Cultural Heritage Technologies

I received an email today from the editors of “Archaeomatica“, a new journal about cultural heritage technologies. They’re seeking papers for four issues this year from a range of fields. You can find more specific information here.

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Upcoming Short Course

Just a quick reminder that my “Introduction to Archaeological Geophysics” short course is running on 10 December just before the Australian Archaeology conference being held at Flinders University. The course is a great introduction to this topic, as you’ll get a basic introduction to geophysical techniques and their application to archaeological problems followed by a […]

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Introductory Archaeological Geophysics

Hi all,Just a quick reminder that my Introductory Archaeological Geophysics topic is running from 21 September to 2 October this year at Flinders University. This course is designed to give archaeologists or other interested people without a geophysics background an introduction to collecting, processing and interpreting geophysical data with a particularly focus on archaeological sites. […]

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Flinders Seminar and Meadows 150 Presentation

I’m giving two public lectures in Adelaide next week on the geophysical detection of historic graves. The first talk is part of the Department of Archaeology Seminar Series at Flinders University. My seminar entitled “The Geophysical Detection of Historic Graves” will be happening from 3-5pm on the 26th of March in Room 133, Humanities Building […]

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