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I’m very happy to have joined the team within the Laboratory of Geophysical-Remote Sensing and Archaeoenvironment at the Institute for Mediterranean Studies, Foundation for Research and Technology, Hellas for a year as a postdoctoral fellow.  While I will miss life in Australia I am delighted to be in Crete and very excited to work with […]

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FlashRES-UNIVERSAL from ZZ Resistivity Imaging

I’ve just been introduced to the FlashRES-UNIVERSAL resistivity imaging system designed and produced by ZZ Resistivity Imaging in Adelaide. I’m very impressed with the equipment which is compact, very easy to use and obviously designed with the field worker.

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PAPing in Mapoon

Dr Chet Walker from Archaeo-Geophysical Associates and William Busch from Mapoon Land and Sea doing a pole aerial photography survey of the Mapoon Mission Cemetery.

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New Paper in the Journal of the Anthroplogy Society of South Australia

I’m a co-author on a recently published paper entitled “Geophysical Investigations of the Tabernacle (Yilke) Cemetery, Encounter Bay, South Australia” by Marshallsay, Moffat and Beale.  This paper documents the results of a survey programme to locate unmarked graves in a historic cemetery undertaken a few years ago at the request of the local Uniting church.  […]

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Field Photos Series Part 1: Bora Station Geophysical Survey, NW Qld 2006

Hi all,In the absence of written posts during my final PhD push I thought I would post some of favourite field photos from the last few years along with a short explanation of what I was up to.  Enjoy! Here I am at Bora Station on the Mitchell Grass Downs of north-west Queensland doing a […]

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Happy 2012!

I’d like to wish everyone out there on the web a happy and productive 2012.   My new year is shaping up well with some really exciting research projects planned in collaboration with some fantastic people.  I’ve also got some great field courses scheduled through Precipice Training in the middle of the year and most importantly, […]

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Posters at the INQUA conference, Bern, July 2011

I’ve had a two abstracts accepted for poster presentations at the INQUA conference which is being held in Bern in from 20-27 July 2011.  I had hoped to be able to present the strontium paper as a presentation, but perhaps the poster format will give me more of a chance to interact with people and […]

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ERA and building an academic career

As an early career researcher (ECR) hoping to get a postdoctoral fellowship or teaching position I have a significant interest in the manner in which academic output is measured and how decisions on grant funding and jobs are decided.  The ERA (Excellence in Research in Australia Initiative) is a recent attempt by the Australian government […]

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Garmin Dakota 20 Review

I recently got the chance to play with a Garmin Dakota 20, and thought I’d put a few thoughts down here.  Unfortunately I haven’t had a chance to use it in the field, so my comment should be taken with a grain of salt at this stage.  Despite this I’m really impressed with this little […]

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Ramac GPR Processsing in Reflex

Professor Steven Sheriff from the Universty of Montana has posted a really nice introduction to processing Ramac GPR data using ReflexW software on this website. This is a great resource because, as those of you’ve ventured down this path know, Reflex (while a fantastic program) is very intimidating to the beginner. There are so many […]

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