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I’m very happy to have joined the team within the Laboratory of Geophysical-Remote Sensing and Archaeoenvironment at the Institute for Mediterranean Studies, Foundation for Research and Technology, Hellas for a year as a postdoctoral fellow.  While I will miss life in Australia I am delighted to be in Crete and very excited to work with […]

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RTK-GPS near Innaminkca

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GPR Suvey, Lake Eyre, 2004

Here’s another classic shot (in terms of sartorial elegance at least) taken during a GPR survey done for the Australian School of Petroleum by Ecophyte Technologies in 2004.  We were mappping stratigraphic facies using GPR integrated with RTK-GPS, principally using a quad biked towed antenna.  

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Atlas of South Australia

I’ve just come across the Atlas of South Australia which is an on-line GIS with lots of information about the geography, demography and economics which may be of interest to those working in the area. There’s a lot of easily selected layers and your can produce maps as image files. This is a great resource […]

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Lens Scratches

Fieldwork is tough on camera lens. I use a Nikon D300 with a 18-200 VR Nikkor lens for most of my fieldwork and always protect it using a UV filter to keep out the dust and try to protect it from scratches. I also carry my camera in a Pelican case in transit to try […]

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Copix Photomapper

I’ve been using Copix Photomapper, a free tool for combining GPS track logs and digital images for some time. The software uses the time stamps from the tracklog and photographs to work out the location that the photographs were taken. The interface is simple and intuitive and allows the export of photos by either updating […]

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ANRA Map Maker

Hi all,I’ve been using the online Australian Natural Resources Atlas quite a lot lately and thought that I’d bring it to your attention. It’s a sort of online GIS with lots of information about (amongst many other things) soil properties around Australia. Make sure that you head to the “More layers” section in the “Layers” […]

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Shonky Maps for Garmin GPS

Hi all,I’m sorry for my long absence from blogging, I’ve been distracted with my thesis and other research. I just wanted to post quickly about a great free product that I’ve just discovered. Shonkymaps produce a great basemap of Australia based on the Geoscience Australia 1:250000 maps which can be downloaded for free and easily […]

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EAST: Online GIS Help

I’ve been making some 3D videos in ArcScene lately which allow you to simulate flying over a landscape of detailed aerial photos draped over a DEM. These are surprisingly easy to make and definitely add to the impact of aerial photography in presentations. As I hadn’t done this before I used the 3D movie tutorial […]

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Vehicle Requirements for Remote Area Fieldwork

I was asked recently for my thoughts about the minimum equipment requirements for a vehicle used for remote area fieldwork in Australia. This is a difficult request, because the specific requirements for different areas are different, as is the definition of what people consider “remote area” to be. I have done most of my remote […]

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